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27 Jun

We are ecstatic to announce that Silk Route Interactive has won 'the best start-up' award at the [email protected] LaunchPad 2013 Islamabad!

Each year [email protected] (Pakistan Software Houses Association) conducts the [email protected] LaunchPad event with the aim to provide recognition, mentor-ship, promotion and cash prizes to the best start-ups and technology ideas of the entire Pakistan.

While Silk Route Interactive has different products in its portfolio, we chose to pitch 'The Crime Mapper' at the [email protected] LaunchPad 2013 Islamabad event. 

We envision ‘The Crime Mapper’ to be an end-to-end crime mapping and analysis solution based on interactive mapping with its only goal being to help law enforcement agencies Conceive and Implement Effective Crime Control Strategies.

 But let’s first talk a little about the event itself.

 This year around 165 applications were received and for the [email protected] LaunchPad 2013 Islamabad event, 20 entrepreneurs and start-ups were shortlisted who pitched their ideas to the judging panel during a grueling session of the [email protected] LaunchPad 2013 Islamabad held at CASE, Islamabad on 27th June 2013.  

There are three awards in total for each city's [email protected] LaunchPad 2013 event, and each contestant is considered for awards in any one of the following following three categories: 

  • Innovative idea for an ICT product/service
  • Start-up with an innovative ICT product/service
  • Innovative idea which uses ICT for social impact

During the [email protected] LaunchPad 2013 Islamabad event, several great ideas were presented with each pitch being followed by a stringent Q&A (questions & answers) session during which the presenting teams had to defend their idea, especially its business model and, to some extent, its technological viability. 

For the Silk Route Interactive team, it was an honor to be of the 20 shortlisted companies pitching their ideas at a prestigious yearly event organized by one of the best national ICT associations of Pakistan where some of the best entrepreneurs and start-ups of Pakistan’s ICT industry were to engage in a tough competition. 

Irrespective of our chances to win, we were glad to have the opportunity to share our vision of curbing crime through ‘The Crime Mapper’. Needless to say, we were also keen on networking and receiving feedback from the judges and the audience.             

However, when we started our presentation we could see that we were instantly able to capture the attention of the judges and the audience, and this notion was further cemented during the Q&A session.  

And then, before we knew it, voila! We found ourselves on the stage receiving the ‘Best Start-Up Award’ at 
[email protected] LaunchPad 2013 Islamabad event

It would be apt to mention some of the factors which we believe contributed in achieving this success:  

·         We have had an innovative product idea which can have significant positive social impact and, indirectly, it would also help strengthen the economy 

·         Through a 6-months pilot project conducted in partnership with the Police Department of Faisalabad., we have already tested the viability and effectiveness of crime mapping and analysis for curbing crime in Faisalabad.
During this pilot testing project, we provided a Geospatial infrastructure to the concerned Police Department and conducted geo-coding and digitization of 9000 FIR reports of 40 police stations of Faisalabad. This helped the Police Department of Faisalabad to extensively analyze crime data such as reviewing exit routes, allocation resources appropriately, improving system efficiency, and demarcation of areas under jurisdiction of each police station. This extensive and highly innovative pilot project conducted in a city with a population of over 7 million helped reduce crime rate by 34% within just 3 months. 

·         Silk Route Interactive has a proven track record of rolling out, marketing, maintaining and sustaining innovative products within GIS and Interactive Data Visualization Domains such as:

- ElectoMap [Interactive Elections Presentation, Analysis and Data Visualization Solution used by Cable TV Channel ARY News]
JaagPakistan [Crowd-Sourced Crisis Mapping Solution Used by PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf); it received over 25,000 rigging reports sent anonymously by voters via sms shortcode, twitter and email during General Elections 2013 of Pakistan]
MyVote [Voting Map Info Portal providing info like National/Provincial Assembly Constituency Number and other info to voters]

With the cash prize, great networking opportunities and the mentoring we are to receive after winning the Best Start-up award, we look forward to making ‘The Crime Mapper’ an effective end-to-end crime mapping and analysis solution which will result in reducing crime so as to:

·         Improve the citizens’ quality of life by making their lives safer

·         Help foster a vibrant economy and bring Foreign Direct Investment

·         And last but not least, enrich the Brand Pakistan

We hereby thank the judges for all their help and we are especially grateful to [email protected] and its president Jehan Ara for taking a great initiative to help foster entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

In the coming days, we look forward to sharing more good news regarding The Crime Mapper with our readers.


Thank you!

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