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ElectoMap Pakistan

Silk Route Interactive is the only Company of the World to have digitized all the Constituency Maps of National as well as Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan

These very maps form the basis of ElectoMap which is an Interactive GIS Maps (Cartograms) based Data Visualization Solution for TV Channels where by Elections Results are covered, presented and analysed over Interactive Maps displayed via Large HD Multi-Touch Screens

Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Percentage Graphs and other visuals are used to effectively display party heat maps, voters density, voters turn out, candidates and parties performance in 2002 and 2008 elections etc.

But the best part is the solution's ability to provide Real-time Analysis for Live Elections 2013 TV Coverage making use of Realtime Data Visualization.


For details please download the ElectoMap - Features & Snapshots PDF here. 


  • Instead of dealing having to deal with statistics, TV anchorpersons & presenters now have the Perfect Data Visualization Marvel to make sense of Election Results with ease and in style!
  • The anchorpersons & presenters have complete control over what they want to show, analyze and discuss. With options like zoom in, zoom out, toggle and swap to study a party's performance in one or more constituencies or a constituency results in 2002, 2008 or LIVE 2013 elections and many other features., Elections Analysis becomes an enriching and highly interactive experience
  • The millions of TV viewers view results which are visually appealing, highly comprehensible, and much more memorable which results in a unique viewing experience for audience and much larger following and higher ratings for TV Channels!

 ElectoMap Pakistan during ARY News Elections 2013 transmission: 


ElectoMap Pakistan on ARY News (During General Election 2013) from Silk Route Interactive on Vimeo.

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