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Data Analytics Blindspot?

The past decade has seen an explosion of new mechanisms for understanding and using location information in widely-accessible technologies. This Geospatial Revolution has resulted in the development of consumer GPS tools, interactive web maps, and location-aware mobile devices. These radical advances are making it possible for people from all walks of life to use, collect, and understand spatial information like never before.

In addition to its solutions offerings, Silk Route Interactive provides a complimentary portfolio of technical, analytical and management consulting services. These services are centered on spatial, predictive and optimization analytics, enterprise data management, and decision-support for retail, consumer goods, gaming, telecommunications, government, financial services, and other industries. We bring a holistic approach that aligns organizational objectives with technical solutions to ensure impactful outcomes.

The core of our services is centered on:

Mapping & Survey
Data Analytics
Geo Analytics
Geographic Information Systems
Business Intelligence



Customer Analytics (Analytical CRM)

Customer Segmentation
Lifetime Value Optimization-Churn Prediction and Minimization
Basket Analysis

Marketing Optimization

Channel Optimization
Placement Optimization
Offer Optimization

Product Analytics

Inventory Optimization
Product Forecasting
Product Cannibalization

Market and Site Location Planning

Site Location Optimization
Competitor Analytics
Market Analytics

Territory and Distribution Management

Territory Optimization
Route Optimization
Supply Chain Optimization

Urban Development and Environmental Management

Land Development Prediction & Impact Analysis
Environmental Suitability Analysis
Parcel and Address Data Management

Public Safety and Emergency Management

Incident Analysis and Predictive Spatial Intelligence
Trend Forecasting and Resource Allocation
Mobile Asset Tracking and Deployment Optimization

Traffic and Transportation Management

Traffic Data Analysis and Forecasting
Transportation Planning & Asset Management
Roadway Data Integration




IT/GIS System Planning, Design, and Implementation
Master Data Management/Data Warehouse Development
Desktop, Web, and Mobile Applications Development
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Strategic Technology Roadmap Planning
Business Case Development
Technology Adoption & Change Management

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